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The Minnesota Vikings Are The Most Magical Fraudulent Team In NFL History

However this 2022 Minnesota Vikings season ends remains to be seen but one thing is for sure - this is the most confounding team in NFL history and nothing about them makes sense. Remember the original Minneapolis Miracle? I have to believe there's been as many sequels of them as "Now" albums at this point. My readers will know I've been publicly on "team fraud" since the Vikings beat the Bills on the road and while I remain as such, I can't help but be thoroughly entertained by this team. So much so I'm actually turning into a fan. This team is so unintentionally fun it's hard not to like them.

How it started:

How it went:

Giphy Images.

This game was poetic in a way too. The Vikings did what the Vikings do and absolutely screwed themselves over with ineptitude before calling on the genie who's "no wish for more wishes" policy seems to have laxed considerably. Even the refs coming in with the worst play stoppage on the would be defensive touchdown couldn't stop this magic carpet ride of a season that continues for the Vikings.

Of course, a little perspective is in order here Vikings fans. While your dunking on my Vikings fraud takes on Twitter (fair game btw) let's not forget you did just beat the sad Indianapolis Colts. Not that you shouldn't be celebrating the biggest comeback in history! You obviously should! But remember we are talking about a team in the Colts that have given up 72 points in their last two second halves with a quarterback so old I'd bet anything he had cataract surgery over the bye. You better believe this and the fact that Matt Ryan now owns the worst regular season and postseason blown lead will make an appearance in my weekly NFL sad stats blog this week.

Still. This was incredible. I want more of this. More bed shitting. More comeback last second wins. This team is so fun in ways they wish they weren't. I already can't wait to update the graph from all 11-3 teams to all 12-3 teams.

Keep rubbing that bottle Vikings. 

- Jeffro