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Wild Ass Scene As Australian Soccer Fans Storm Field, Drill The Goalie In The Face With A Bin And Fire Off Flares

Christ almighty, that's a bin to the face if I've ever seen one. I'm not quite sure how that happens but it did. Australia I guess. Dude just straight up got mushed in the face with that bin. Not even sure where it came from. But this is Australian soccer. They are fucking batshit crazy there. They couldn't even make it to the second half! 

[Source] - Melbourne City were leading rivals Victory 1-0 after 21 minutes when a flare was launched on to the pitch from behind one of the goals.

City goalkeeper Tom Glover threw it back into the stands before fans reacted furiously then stormed on as security and the referee tried to protect City goalkeeper Tom Glover.

Fair is fair here. You get a flare thrown at you, you pick it up and launch that fucker right on back. Fight fire with fire. Oh the best part of the whole fight here? It had little to do with the actual match. Not like there was a fight between players or some shit. It's over a decision: 

Tension was building in the week leading up to the derby match in Melbourne following the A-League's call to stage the next three grand finals in Sydney.

Since 2005, clubs have earned the right to host the grand final based on performances but a £5.5million deal was agreed between league chiefs and New South Wales state, prompting a furious backlash.

Yeah man, money tends to win. We are watching the World Cup in fucking Qatar - safe to say money will always, always win. I can't say I'd be fired up enough to start a riot, but I get the anger. Again, don't throw a bin at a dude's face. He's innocent here. That said, no one looked more outrageous than the ref here: 

Covered in whatever the hell was in that bin, blowing the whistle to try and calm everyone down. That'll work! Hair looks immaculate though. Pretty good set of lettuce on that man. But you can't blow your whistle after being caught in the bin incident. There's no way that works out. You just look like a smug ref again.