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Brock Purdy Singing "Friends In Low Places" Needs To Replace The Super Bowl Halftime Show

I have a feeling that Brock Purdy's schedule is going to be open on February 12th after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the brakes off the 49ers in the NFC Championship game. But that doesn't mean that the rookie still shouldn't make an appearance at the Super Bowl back in his home state of Arizona this year. 

I gotta be honest, I don't even know who is doing the halftime show this year. All I know is that whoever it is won't have nearly as much stage presence as BCB. Just look at the young fella go up there. He was born to be on that stage under the lights. Playing to the crowd, making sure he's getting everybody involved. Man can hit the high notes, he can go down and grab the low notes, the dude just shows out. He even has the name for it. If Brock Purdy wasn't an NFL quarterback right now, he'd be destined to be selling out arenas with nothing but his 6-string on his back. Hell, there's probably an alternate universe out there where that's the case. 

So yeah. Eagles win the NFC Championship 38-7, but Brock Purdy still has one big Sunday left on his schedule after that. Make it happen. 

Sidenote: All-time karaoke song. Always gets the people going.