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Zach Wilson Will Start At QB For The Jets Against The Lions After Mike White Was Not Medically Cleared For Contact

This QB drama is getting pretty nuts. Just when I thought I had to put all my chips in Mike White and expect Wilson to get traded. I mean, this is going to be a nuts Sunday against Detroit. Saleh explains the specifics behind sitting Mike White due to medical reasons, but this is nuts because they cleared him to return to the game. 

Did Jets doctors purposefully not clear Mike White so Wilson could get one last chance? I mean there are tons of alternative motives I can see happening. Are they resting Mike White so he doesn't get killed by the lions and can live to play another day? Does Zach Wilson's mobility actually make him a better choice due to his ability to avoid injury? 

All I know is that Saleh is making the right choice. I trust his decisions. Remember, this might not be a permanent solution. The only one whose been getting more chances than Zach Wilson is Rico. He better takes advantage of the situation. 

Realistically if you subtract the two Patriots game, Zach Wilson has a decent body of work. I mean what QBs have played decently against the Patriots in their first 2 years? Mike White has played better as a QB in his 3 games, but he has not won since Chicago. In my opinion, Chicago would have been Zach Wilson's time to shine, he just robbed himself with his post-game comments after the Patriots game.

Zach has probably his last opportunity to win over his team. Get risky with your body, not the football, and earn your teammates' trust and respect. They have 0 respect in you and Mike White is cucking you. Braxton is even smitten your boy. 

It's going to be a shootout this Sunday at Metlife, Let's see how it turns out. 

Hell Zach Wilson might even win the fans back. He needs a statement win where he puts up crazy stats. Let's see where that ceiling is at.