Aquarium "Tsunami" Type Explosion Causes Chaos In German Hotel

Daily Mail- A huge aquarium exploded inside a German hotel today, unleashing a 'tsunami' of water which caused 'unbelievable maritime damage' at a major tourist attraction.

The 82ft-high tank, located in the foyer of the Radisson Blu hotel in central Berlin, burst at around 5.50am, killing all of the 1,500 tropical fish housed in the aquarium.

The explosion at the AquaDom aquarium unleashed a million litres of water into the lobby and cut off electricity in the hotel. Two people were injured from glass shards and received treatment at hospital.


Wild and sad situation in Germany as whats being speculated as freezing temperatures overnight caused a crack in the glass which led to the outpouring of water, destruction of property and death of 1500 fish. 

I always marvel in the construction of things like this in a lobby , or a stadium or a building etc and just how long they take to get built or how much of a monstrosity they really are. An 82 foot tank is bigger than almost every Brownstone building in New York, and some apartment buildings. It's massive. The sheer amount of water, glass, construction etc that goes into these things amazes me. 

I also wonder a little about the fish in this tank. 82 feet high isn't the ocean, but do these fish get overwhelmed at how big the tank is and wonder if they'll ever be able to explore the whole thing. Do they know enough to explore the whole thing ? Who is in charge of dropping the fish into this thing when it's built ? Do they just line em up and toss em in over the top ? What's the feeding like / Do they load the tank with different foods , there has to be some fish who don't eat.  Seems like the tank keeper is a full time job, if not a full time staff for a tank like this. 

The other main takeaway is this. One small crack can become a big crack which causes the tank to explode. You think you have it under control, maybe even try to cover it up to an extent with scotch tape or flex seal etc, but that's a lie. Before you know it. the crack is so big it takes over. Then it spreads and before you know it the tank is ruined. You have to get the cracks in your tank handled and handled fast. I don't have fish but I sure as fuck have cracks, and need to repair them as soon as possible. I've already had fish and water spill out everywhere and I am the only one who should be required to clean it up. Time to get a mop.