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Friday Fights: Nic Deslauriers And Michael McLeod Go For A Marathon Tilt In Newark

What a scrap. 

This fight starts at the 20-second mark of the YouTube clip. Deslauriers is beating the bag off of McLeod by the 38-second mark. Has him pinned up against the boards and is teeing off on the young fella. More often than not, you'd expect the linesmen to immediately jump in there and break that one up. But something told these fellas that we were in for a doozy here, so they let it keep going. 

Another 10 seconds later and Deslauriers was still beating the piss out of McLeod. Again, you'd think enough would be enough and they'd jump in to stop the bloodbath. But 59 in stripes wanted to see a show. He wanted the carnage. And he has no intentions of stopping that fight until his blood thirst was satiated. You can see on McLeod's face that he's begging for this one to be over, but to no avail. Finally he realizes he needs to at least show a sign of life before they stop this one, so he gets in a few solid rights of his own and the marathon tilt comes to an end. Great pop from the crowd after a great tilt from the boys. You love to see it. 

Clearly it got the rest of the boys on the ice fired up, too, because less than 2 minutes later there was another fight. This time Joel Farabee vs Brendan Smith. This fight wasn't a great fight. But you have to respect the fellas for dropping the mitts anyway. 

The Flyers might suck as a hockey team this year, but they're at least going to try to cave your face in with their fists along the way. All you can really ask for out of them at this point. 

P.S. -- I might still write a separate blog about this. But just want it on the record that box lacrosse fights are the most electric 30 seconds in sports. It's all the beauty of a hockey fight combined with the chaos of a bar fight.