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Brazil/Tottenham Star Richarlison Gets A Hilariously Awful Tattoo Of Neymar's Face ... Neymar Sends Him $30,000 To Remove It

[Source] - Neymar has reportedly sent Richarlison €30,000 (£26,000) and told him to remove his face from his back after the Tottenham star got his Brazilian pal tattooed on himself.

But Richarlison's tattoo gesture does not appear to have impressed Neymar, who has given his compatriot £26,000 to get the ink removed, according to Globo Sport. And fans do not appear to be in love with the tattoo either.

I don't blame Neymar here. I wouldn't want a current teammate to be walking around the streets of Brazil with a tattoo of my face on their back. Not one bit. It's weird. I'm not even an anti-tattoo guy. Have a massive one on the back of my shoulder. All for people doing whatever. But you can't get a tattoo of another person WHO IS STILL YOUR TEAMMATE.

I know they aren't club teammates. I know there's a chance Neymar steps away from the Brazil national team. But come on. He's not dead. He's not done playing. He's very much alive and healthy. You don't want to be the guy with another guy's face on your back. 

The whole tattoo is ....something. Throwing in Neymar is absurd, but getting your own face plastered on your back is a move. Just in case people forgot who you were and saw you only from the back. I know it's probably an homage to Brazil legends and guys who helped him love the game or whatever. But you don't get tattoos of other people on your body. Just a general rule in life. 

So now you have to remove Neymar's face right? There's no option if he truly sent $30,000 to have you remove his face. He knows it's weird. You can't just take the 30k and not remove it. You can't send back 30k. Realize the tattoo stinks and go try again.