Every Day The Mookie Betts Trade Looks Worse For The Boston Red Sox And You Really Hate To See It

File it under "Things you hate to see" but the Red Sox DFA'd Jeter Downs yesterday. You don't know who Downs is unless you follow baseball super close or are a Boston fan. He was one of the pieces that the Sox got back for all time generational talent, Mookie Betts. 

Fast forward two and a half years after that trade and the Red Sox basically traded a future Hall Of Famer for Alex Verdugo and Connor Wong, a guy who has 61 ABs for Boston since coming over in the trade. Verdugo is an OK player. Nothing special but he's OK. But man did the Sox fuck up that trade. It should go down as an all time bad trade in the game of baseball.  


Downs was awful, to put it lightly. It was a joke when Boston got him since they had a guy named Jeter. Turns out that joke would be the highlight of his time in Boston since he was bad. I'm talking .154, 1 HR, and a .171 OBP, and 21 Ks in 39 career at-bats bad. A former Top 50 prospect gone just like that which makes the trade go from awful to a disaster. 

On top of the lack of any great player, the fact that Mookie said he was going to go to free agency no matter what, only to sign an extension with Los Angeles makes it that much worse. The Sox have all the money in the world and chose not to pay one of the best talents they've ever had, then turned around and traded him for peanuts. Just a total and complete failure by Chaim and the Sox front office. 

You won't catch me shedding tears over it though since I have to live with the Manny Machado trade. But at least the Orioles got a damn good pitcher in Dean Kremer back. Boston fans are none too happy with Mr. Chaim over there on the heels of the Xander news as well, now we wait to see how bad this gets when they inevitably don't pay Devers. Chaim, you mad man, you did it again!

You truly hate to see it.