Chimpanzees Breakout of Zoo, Gunfight Ensues

We are now due for four more Covids. 4 chimpanzees were gunned down after escaping their enclosures and apparently the zoo had 0 tranquilizers. 


Among the dead might be the Crown Princess of Sweden's favorite Chimpanzee, Santano whose art she owns. 

Victoria's favorite monkey lives in Furuvik

One of the chimpanzees living at Furuviksparken is Santino, an individual who has a special connection to both Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine .

He is behind several works of art, two of which are owned by the royals.

Santino found his talent when he came to Furuviksparken from the Munich zoo and was forced to sit in quarantine. In the boredom he was supplied with paint and over time he became so skilled that he was finally able to sell his paintings for SEK 10,000 each.

All Harambe jokes aside, chimpanzees are no joke. Chimpanzees are terrorists even compared to Gorillas. Gorillas are gentle giants with a largely vegetarian diet and silverbacks only display aggression when protecting their troops or to rival males.

I don't know how many of you remember the incident out of Connecticut regarding Travis the Chimpanzee but it was an absolute bloodbath, ripped off a woman's face. Marty did a great documentary on it. 

Chimpanzees are killing machines. It kind of makes sense that they are our closest living relatives, and we didn't get to the top of the food chain being pacifists. Chimpanzees have even had wars with each other that last decades. The Gombe Chimpanzee war was insane and they also attack Gorillas. Check out this article I wrote about the Chimpanzee war and the Chimpanzees that got into a battle with gorillas. 


Chimps on the lose is no joke and the damage they can cause is that of a superhuman supervillain. They are literally so goddamn strong. at around 130 lbs these beasts could tear you limb from limb. Without tranquilizers, I don't blame the zoo for pulling out the blicky and blastin these guys. Chimps are not to be messed with. I'd rather get locked in a cage with a Gorilla than a Chimp 10/10 times. Gorillas just chill, a chimp will try to bite your face off for the fun of it. 

It's crazy that the Princess of Sweden has artwork painted by one of these chimps. I mean super expensive shitty modern art is a totally weird fad where abstract bad artwork is sold for millions of dollars. I rather have a chimp painting than some quack who's getting paid way too much for shit they did while high.