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'Kick Your Dad's Ass' -The Simple Message New Mexico Fans Keep Yelling To Richard Pitino Before Tomorrow's Game

I love this by the parent at school. Everyone knows the moment you finally beat your dad in something - it's bittersweet and awesome. Whether it's the first 1-on-1 game, golf, whatever. Beating your dad symbolizes he has to take you serious and it's competitive from here on out. He will also cheat the moment it happens - something I plan on doing if one of my two sons ever attempt to beat me in 1-on-1. I will fake an injury and then throw elbows until we no longer play. 

Mind you this game should be awesome too. New Mexico and Iona are both legit. Shit, New Mexico is undefeated with wins over San Francisco, St. Mary's and SMU. A win here and we could be talking about New Mexico as an at-large team. 

But this is about passion. Sneaky insane fanbase is New Mexico. The Pit is legendary. If I'm a coach I want parents stopping me at school like I'm Coach Eric Taylor leaving church in Friday Night Lights. I'm sure this is the same parent who has some sort of plan to fix the offense. Probably has an entire notepad filled with a scouting report just waiting for his chance. But for now it's simple.

Kick your dad's ass.

I love it. Even better is Rick Pitino being on Twitter: 

I need a Pitino screaming match this weekend. Need it. Kick your dad's ass.