Washington State Head Coach Is Thinks There Is Tampering Going On With NIL And The Transfer Portal.....No Duh

Coach with all due respect, come on man. People have been cheating in college for years. You think nobody is going to do that now while it's legal to give the players money? You are just in last because even if you cheated, nobody wants to go to Washington State. I'm sorry for being harsh but that's just the truth. I feel like there are no rules in this NIL stage of the NCAA and there is no way of stopping anyone right now. 

I feel like for example if Dave wanted to, he would be able to pay a player to go to Michigan if it was backed my Barstool and as a sponsor. These coaches and universities are going to find ways to get their players and I don't feel bad for the smaller schools at all. These players deserve any chance to make some money, so these coaches need to get creative. 

I actually think being a coach in college might be one of the hardest positions right now because every year is free agency. These kids aren't just locked in. If they have a good year at a mid major, they are for sure leaving your ass unless you're offering them something better. The only person that can do that anywhere is Deion Sanders. But complaining about NIL tampering is just going to make you look stupid and go in the opposite direction.