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These Parents That Hired A Grinch To Come Steal Presents From Their Misbehaving Kids, Traumatizing Them For Life, Are Sick Fucks

At first I wanted to title this blog something funny or give props to these parents for pulling such a great prank. 

Part of me thinks these little fuckers could use a nice hard-earned lesson to behave themselves, or else their presents will disappear from under the tree, care of a burnout felon, dressed in a Grinch costume, hired to come horrify kids for $50 so he can score his next fix.

Basically like that Elf on A Shelf thing on steroids.

But then I got to thinking about when I was this age and how much pranks and shit fucked with my soft little developing head and its not so funny. 

I have this aunt who loved to scare the shit out of me when I was little, who babysat me all the time. One time we were going through a toll booth (they still had ones that weren't electronic in Massachusetts once upon a time ago) and before we got to the tollbooth collector she pretended to start freaking out that she couldn't find any change to pay. I in turn started freaking out and asking what was going to happen. She told me they'd arrest us and send us to jail. I started freaking the fuck out and tearing the back seat of the car apart looking for loose change. Crying hysterically like a bitch. She lost it and started laughing her ass off. I know this story so well because she tells it like once a year at family gatherings and cracks up the whole time. Really twisted. (This is why I have trust issues.)


But back to the Grinch and the parents here. This stuff really messes with kids.

As funny as it is, there's a lot of parents out there who are getting kicks out of it too.

Can you imagine being like 6 and having this happen?

Or what about this poor little guy (girl?).

Great caption. He is indeed ruined for life.

This one's bad too.

I thought the Jimmy Kimmel stolen Halloween candy stuff was bad.


If I'm DCFS I'm putting all of these families on my radar and monitoring for shit down the road because these kids are all traumatized now.

Have fun with the thousands in therapy bills guys!

p.s. - this kid is going to be a Marine. he gained his composure real quick and wasted zero time in standing up to the Grinch and throwing haymakers. the only way the Grinch was going to get away taking one of his presents was if he went through him to do it.