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Pass Sets in The Parking Lot And Wobbly Browns Fans: Football Guys of the Week

Congratulations to Baker Mayfield for once again winning Football Guy of the week in a huge landslide. Honestly haven't seen this margin for victory in a football guy of the week in a very, very long time.

Baker is quickly gaining his teammate's respect by winning games and head-butting the fuck out of them on the sideline. 

Now for this week's nominees.

1. Matthew Marvin, Lions fan in Peneii Sewell jersey

People thought this was a random Joe doing pass sets in the Metlife parking lot before the Jets-Lions game. In reality, it was a former college football player Matthew Marvin who, according to his Twitter bio, is NFL DRAFT ELIGIBLE. This guy was absolutely shutting down whoever the poor soul was pass-rushing him. 

Offensive line Twitter was all over this man, who was crowned "Best pass set ever done in jeans" and an inspiration to all big men everywhere.

2. Mike White QB, NYJ

Mike White was an absolute warrior last week in an unfortunate loss to the Bills. Guy took shots that would have been called roughing the passer on every other QB that doesn't play for the Jets. He was trying to get cleared all week to play but had a cracked rib. He was about just to disobey doctors so he could get back out there. 


3. Mark Ivey, Louisville Dline Coach

D-line as a position group is always filled with some of the toughest but also weirdest groups of dudes. They will mosh before the game and it's up to the Dline coach to set the tone and make sure the guys get their screws loose just enough to cause an issue. He's busted up before the game even starts. 

4. Wobbly Browns Fan

This guy is just the epitome of Brown's football. He's been showing up to every game for the past couple of seasons. 


He's just a simple blue-collar guy who shows out hard for every game. 

Another blogger Will Burge sat down with him this week. Pretty hilarious interview. 

Lil Extra this week

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