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WWE Released Superstar Mandy Rose Because She Has An OnlyFans

SI - After a 413-day run as NXT women’s champion, Mandy Rose is no longer with WWE.

Fightful reported on Wednesday that Rose (real name Amanda Saccomanno) has been released by WWE. The report states that WWE officials “felt they were put in a tough position” based on the type of content Rose was posting on FanTime, a paid subscription service like OnlyFans where Rose posted adult-themed photos and videos. According to Fightful, WWE officials felt like the content was “outside of the parameters” of Rose’s WWE contract.


Let me state the obvious- This is bullshit. What is WWE thinking? Like, I get it, if posting adult content on your own is "outside the parameters" of your contract, sure, I guess you have now committed a "fireable offense". But the question is- why? You're WWE. You are the company that has pushed the boundaries of sex since I was in diapers. And look, I'm not even going to be the guy who talks about Sable and Trish and "Bra and Panties matches" from 20 years ago. I fully understand the times have changed and WWE is a publicly traded company and they have to be a little more buttoned up and family friendly. 

But this is where WWE looks terrible:

“Some of you are engaged with outside third parties using your name and likeness in ways that are detrimental to our company,” McMahon, who stepped down from running WWE earlier this year, wrote at the time. really want to throw stones like that? There has been nobody who has been more detrimental to the company over the last decade than Vince McMahon. In fact things got so dicey with cover-up money that he had to step down from the company as to not sully its reputation even further. Mandy Rose showing a little cleave on her OnlyFans is the least of his worries.


Now the question is, did she really need to risk her career for an OnlyFans? I would guess not. But I assume the money, $40 a month for a woman with 3.4 million followers on IG, was too good to pass up. Wrestling is a grueling business, but one sexy pic on OF can net you 6 figures over night. 

I hope they come to their senses and allow her to return to the ring. I get its against their policy but also who cares? Let your employees make that cash while they can. As long as she isn't missing wrestling gigs it shouldn't be a problem. 


PS: Can't imagine how many more subs she's gotten since being fired. Gotta assume she's made more money in the last day than WWE has ever paid her.