Amazing: Purdue Fan Calls Into Matt Painter's Show With A Perfectly Detailed Old Man Plan On How To Fix The Team's Offense

This is why college sports will never die. You think someone is calling Steve Kerr or Spo or someone in the NBA/NFL? Absolutely not. But this dude in Indiana has it figured out. The offense is struggling since it's only ranked No. 2 in the country. Gotta fix it. Stop shooting threes. Give it to the monster known as Zach Edey. Play in the paint only baby. He's the most confident man in the world and I respect it. 

The low key funniest part is when he says 'we think'. Dude has a whole group getting together to come up with the scouting report and probably charting pros/cons of everything. Good chance they are sitting at a diner too. Old guys who hates threes LOVE going to the diner, which is hard to blame. Diners are delicious. 

Good chance this guy also still has a varsity jacket. I have no doubt about it. Guys who talk like this (plus old and Indiana) love keeping a varsity jacket. When he says he's going to catch the game he's going to catch the Friday night high school basketball game. I respect the fuck out of dudes like this. Just wanted to call up Matt Painter and give him a little lesson in basketball. Keep him on his toes and the first time Zach Edey catches the ball in the paint he can tell his pals he drew up that play. 

There is nothing like college sports man. This is the type of shit that we'll never lose.