Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get Better For The Phillies, They'll Be Hosting A Shaq Concert After A Game Next Season

Kevin Winter. Getty Images.

The Philadelphia Phillies went on a magical run out of nowhere to the World Series. They couldn't get the job done against Houston, so they went out this offseason with a bunch of blank checks to load the heck up for next season. Trea Turner signs an 11-year-deal. They sign Taijuan Walker to a 4-year-deal. Even with Bryce Harper missing at least half of the 2023 season after getting Tommy John surgery, this team is going to be a buzzsaw in 2023. 

Baseball is alive in Philadelphia again. Citizens Bank was rocking for a month straight. Season ticket sales are up. And now? Well now we get to reap the biggest reward of them all. Because screw October, the biggest game of the 2023 MLB season is going to be July 1st in South Philly. 

That's right, bitch. We've got Shaq Diesel performing on a Saturday night after the Phils get done launching a bakers dozen balls into orbit against Washington. 

Now I know that Shaq has gotten into the DJ game and has been performing EDM sets lately. Gotta be honest, that's not really my thing. Also don't think it would make a ton of sense to just have Shaq press buttons on a DJ set for a sold out crowd of Phillies fans. What would really work, though, is if he brings back the classics. Let us not forget that Shaq Diesel went platinum in 1993. 

Imagine being a fan of any of the 29 other teams in the MLB right now. Just think about how shitty their existence must be. They couldn't sign Trea Turner. They can't get Shaq to perform at their games. It's a wonder why they even bother showing up at all. Phillies year, baby. Cue the music!