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Elon is Cutting Costs at Twitter... By Just Not Paying Rent

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Daily Mail - Twitter has allegedly stopped paying rent at its San Francisco headquarters as Elon Musk looks to slash costs across the social media giant.

Billionaire Musk has also supposedly mulled not paying severance to the thousands of employees fired since his $44billion takeover of the company in October.

Sources told the New York Times it's been weeks since rent was pair at both the San Francisco office and Twitter's offices around the world.

You don’t become the richest (ok, second richest) guy in the world without cracking a few skulls (and missing a few rent payments).

Elon has been trying to cut costs after wildly overpaying for the social media app he could’ve just downloaded for free. He fired more than half the current staff (including the janitors) and has done his best to ensure he doesn’t need to pay severance. Because fuck them kids.


But with few options left in the personnel department, Elon has shifted his efforts to Twitter’s real estate portfolio. 

Elon hasn’t paid rent in weeks and quite frankly, why haven’t Dave and Erika thought of this?

Just a brilliant move. Sure, the building's managers are big mad that Elon’s been living and working rent-free, but what’s a global commercial real estate conglomerate to do? Not only have they spent time outfitting (probably illegal) bedrooms, but how are they about to scrub Twitter’s stank from a whole building? Inlaid Twitter logos don’t suddenly identify as a State Farm field office. It’s like when a Pizza Hut goes out of business. That structure was custom-built to be one thing and one thing only.

And just in case the rent moratorium doesn’t extend to multibillion dollar social media empires, Elon's got other plans…

He’s selling pretty much everything that makes a tech company a tech company. If you were thinking “video compression software program written in C that achieves a Weissman score in the fives” or some nerdy shit like that, you’re wrong. Twitter is auctioning off everything that isn’t nailed down.

Like… a gyro broiler, a stationary bike that charges your phone, or a yuge "@" symbol. Yes, I could be talked into splitting the rotisserie chicken cooker.

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