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Old Man Gets Lost In Mexican Desert, So His Dog Leads A Search Team To Find Him Because Dogs Are The BEST


A heroic dog called El Palomo led cops across hills, paths and ravines to his 84-year-old owner who was lost in the desert for a week after going on a walk. 

Gregorio Romero left his house in Moctezuma, Sonora State in Mexico on November 27 to go for a walk but got lost.

A major manhunt was launched which included a trained sniffer dog unit. 

But it was OAP Gregorio's trusted pooch El Palomo who found him just 1.9 miles from his home on December 4.

I'll never pass up a chance to show off this pic of my dog, Ace. He's so goddamn handsome

Last week, I wrote about how it was Ace's "gotcha" day. People actually really enjoyed that blog. No bullshit, people at my local dog park said they saw it and how it hit home with them.

Anyways, the story above is example 1 trillion why dogs are the absolute best thing in the world. Old man Gregorio decides to take a stroll in the Mexican desert in the middle of winter, gets lost, has an entire search party looking for him, and who finds him? 

His loyal pooch.

That should come as a shock to nobody at all, because - once again - dogs are the absolute best things on earth. Sure they're assholes that are expensive, stinky, bed hogs and high maintenance, but all of that is an easy penance to pay when they reciprocate with unconditional love.

I'm all pissed off right now. The White Sox (and Northwestern, not that ANYBODY gives a shit about them) ruin my life. I'm constantly in Portnoy's crosshairs. People bully me on the internet because the good Lord chose not to bless me with charm, athletic ability or a fully functional brain.

That's all good though, because I got a dog. If you got a dog, you know exactly what I mean and NOBODY knows it better than Old man Gregorio here and needless to say, if he had a cat and not a dog, the cat would have waited until he succumbed to winter conditions and lead the search team to his body that's already been ravaged by buzzards and other scavengers.

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