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The Bahamas Jail That Sam Bankman-Fried Is In Reportedly Is Loaded With Rats And Makes Inmates Poop In Buckets As Well As Sleep On The Ground



SOURCE - Sam Bankman-Fried will be remanded at the country's only prison, the notorious Fox Hill detention facility. Several studies in the last two years found that the prison was infested with rodents and maggots, sexual assaults were prevalent and drugs were easy to come by.

An unnamed prison officer told the Nassau Guardian in a 2019 interview: 'Dogs don’t deserve to live in the state that maximum security is in. There’s no ventilation. Boy, you don’t even know. Did you know that rats run up and down all day, every day? It’s not fit for humanity.'  One section of the study reads: 'Many cells also lacked running water, and in those cells, inmates removed human waste by bucket.'

Another section said: 'Prison inmates complained about the lack of beds and bedding. As a result, inmates developed bedsores from lying on the bare ground.' 

One prison officer said in 2019 that violence is so prevalent at Fox Hill, inmates refuse to leave their cells to shower.

Sounds like a place that SBF is really going to be comfortable considering he has spent the last couple of years in a $40 million dollar penthouse. Keep in mind that that this asshole had requested house arrest because he says he's depressed and a vegan. Instead, he's going to be stuck in this hellhole until February 8th when he will appear next in court.

Of course, prisons should be kept humane. But I assumed based on the applause he got at the recent NY Times Q & A that he did recently that he'd wind up in some minimum security country club that was more like a summer camp than a prison.

Sounds like this Fox Hill jail doesn't have cable or any real ways to entertain yourself so I wonder how he is keeping his sanity. I've always been curious what I would do to keep myself busy if I ended up in jail. I know in the SuperMax prison in Colorado, you only get access to a radio. I foolishly thought that if I was in that situation, I'd just become a huge Colorado Rockies fan. I'd just have the radio tuned to Rockies games and you're stuck in that cell 23 1/2 hours a day anyway so I'd never miss a game.

I brought this idea up back when I was on the Kirk Minihane Show but I was told that the radio is tuned only to educational broadcasting and the guards control it. So that plan is ruined. I haven't come up with another idea that would keep my mind occupied enough. Maybe I could request a daily newspaper and try to keep stats using the box scores from newspapers alone? I think I'd just go completely insane in weeks trapped in there.

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This Bahamas prison somehow sounds even worse than the SuperMax. At least in SuperMax you're safe and have toilets while the inmates at Fox Hill seem to be pissing and shitting in buckets while skipping out on showers due to the constant threat of violence.  I freak out if I even walk into a bathroom that doesn't have a door that properly locks. I can't imagine pooping in a bucket while other prisoners watch.


We are talking about a total scumbag that cost people billions of dollars so I'm not going to cry too many tears for SBF. If you're one of those people that did lose money, at least you know he's currently without toilet paper in an overcrowded cell where his only friend is likely a rodent.