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Wyoming Football Team Gulps Down "Thick Water"

Wyoming football will be playing in the Barstool Arizona Bowl on Dec. 30th against M.A.C. champion Ohio, and the line currently has the two teams almost completely even with Wyoming only getting 1 point. BUT, that's all about to change …

The Cowboys are embracing the Barstool aspect of the bowl game and are having fun by recreating shows at Barstool. Hilarious. 

The football team has done their version of Sundae Conversation:

Now the football team has decided to get hydrated for the bowl game by taste testing a Lowering The Bar staple - Thick Water.

Thick Water tastes exactly like water, but it has the thick honey consistency, which makes gulping the liquid   mental chore. The video Wyoming football made is amazing and I have nothing but respect for anyone who puts themselves through a LTB challenge. 

The fact that the host's name is Gibbs and he didn't say "Welcome to Lowering The Bar, I'm your host Gibbs" crushed me a bit, but you can't have your thick water and drink it too. 

The rest of the video is phenomenal with how accurate it was to an episode. Grabbing the Defensive Coordinator, and turning a man who is full of grit and toughness into this …  

I've learned through puking my guts out on LTB with my coworkers that nothing brings people closer together than sharing in misery. 

That's why I'm taking the Cowboys. Not only are these dudes grittier and more battle tested for going through this together, the camaraderie they've built up between now and the bowl game can't be coached. What's Ohio doing right now? Practicing? HA. Don't waste your time. 

The hay is in the barn. The Cowboys are loose and feeling good. Nothing left to do but play the game. 

Maybe the only thing the Cowboy Football team did wrong in the Thick Water video was not invite Lisa Ann …