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Uhh For Seemingly No Reason At All, 'Experts' Debated Whether Or Not You Need To Use Deodorant

[Source] - But your decision is most likely based more on personal and cultural preferences than any potential medical necessity, dermatology experts say.

“People have strong preferences and sensitivities to smell. People, from the beginning of time, have used perfumes (or) colognes to mask odor,” said Dr. Nina Botto, an associate professor of dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. “But it’s not like flossing your teeth, where there’s data that you’re actually going to live longer if you floss your teeth regularly.”

What are we doing here? This is one of those arguments that I don't understand. It came out of nowhere. It's not like people are clamoring for an argument against deodorant. It's something everyone should and always use. Spare me natural body odor. You know what stinks? Natural body odor. Add it to the list: 


I am someone who works alone with my dog every day. I don't see many people during the week. You know what I do? Put on deodorant and cologne every single day. I don't want to smell my own filth let alone have someone else smell me or vice versa. 

There's also no such thing as an expert here. Everyone is an expert. If you have armpits, you're an expert. If you can smell, you're an expert. If you sweat, you're an expert. If you have eyes, you're an expert. It's that simple. You know what sucks? The moment you start to get the sweaty pits and it shows on a shirt. We've all been there. You know what you do? Immediately put on MORE deodorant. You want to be the person with pit stains? I don't think so. 

Then there's this line: 

Despite the commonly accepted reasons why people wear deodorant, natural body odor isn’t necessarily considered unpleasant by everyone.

We, as a society, overuse plenty of terms. But you're a legit psycho if you don't find body odor unpleasant. It's horrendous. You ever smell sweat? It's awful. The only thing that makes sense here is this: 

The odor of your sweat can be influenced by diet, too, Zeichner said. The sweat of people who eat large amounts of cruciferous vegetables — broccoli, kale and cauliflower, for example — can have a distinct, sulfurous smell.

Broccoli, kale and cauliflower are gross. Won't eat them, especially broccoli and cauliflower. At least asparagus tastes good even if asparagus pee is as rancid as it gets. Such a double-edge sword when it comes to that. I'll eat asparagus every day. It's delicious. But the reward of having that rancid ass pee isn't worth it. Maybe just eat some pineapple instead. That should make everything smell good. 

Someone get Jerry Fragrance on the line and put an end to all of this. Just wear deodorant. Be normal.