The Hits Keep On Coming As Now Lane Kiffin Says That I Should Be Fired

What’s the old saying? When it rains, it pours. Well if that’s the case, I am drowning in a flood. For the last 48 hours, the rain has not stopped.

The latest hit is Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin voting that I should be fired in Dave Portnoy’s poll when I am the Barstool Sports guy who went to Ole Miss! Not great.


Regardless, I still love Lane and am thrilled he stayed at Ole Miss. The man does love to troll and I am the easiest target these days, so this felt inevitable. 

I am definitely doing mental gymnastics telling myself at least Lane Kiffin and Dave Portnoy know who I am, which is a positive, along with 52% of the people voting they don't want to see me lose my job and livelihood.

It hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows, since I got "arrested".

Caught a direct hit with a new shirt that launched.

I am catching hell from everyone. Brandon Walker, Big Cat. Stoolies….  it never ends. 


I am still gainfully employed after somehow getting out of the NYC office alive on my last day there, and for that I am thankful.

Thank God I am goin’ down South.

Ain’t nobody gonna break my stride…..

I am not looking forward to seeing these shirts out on the road tho. Please do not buy them!