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There Are Now Reports That The Tragic Grant Wahl Death In Qatar Was Caused By An Undetected Heart Issue And Not Foul Play

After some wild speculation and suspicion from all corners of the internet and Wahl's own brother it appears that his death was of "natural" causes. An absolute tragedy for a family, his friends, and the American soccer community, but perhaps not the international crisis we feared. Not another Jamal Khashoggi incident. 

You know, people were calling Grant Wahl a hero and saying he was a martyr because he supposedly died at the hands of evil people who hated him. Maybe they didn't kill him, but he is still a brave man and a hero. He still stood up to power on foreign soil. People with so much money and influence that the entire world assumed that Qatari officials or radicals in the country did have him killed. He didn't care. He was going to do and say what he thought was right regardless of the consequences. 

Hopefully this news brings his family some sort of peace, even though they are still in tremendous pain. 

I really hope FIFA and the world have learned a lesson from this World Cup and from Wahl. Sometimes it's okay not to make the dollar your highest value. And if you're a person that complains that everything in the world has become political and that's annoying, I agree with you. Having said that, if you don't want everything to be poltiical then hold sports organizations accountable when they put the world's biggest tournament in places that are STEEPED in controversy two times in a row. 

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