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Sometimes there are just no words. I've watched this man play hockey since game 1. I've watched all the ups and downs, the amazing 65 goal season and the loss to the Canadiens as the 1 seed. I've heard "trade Ovi", "he'll never make it out of the 2nd round", "lazy Russian" and everything else people have tried to drag him down with. But we knew he was Ovi and he would prove everyone wrong. And that's what he's done. He's brought us a Stanley Cup and now has become just the 3rd player to ever score 800 NHL goals. In an era where goalies wear pads the size of the moon, Ovi has proven unstoppable for 18 seasons. And to score number 800 via a hat trick, that's just the coolest shit ever. Everything he does is cool. 

And now Howe is next. 2 more goals til he sits alone as 2nd all time. It's CRAZY. I've been typing words about him for 10 years now and it never gets old. He's such a force, such a legend. 

Man. So cool. So good. Ovi. The best.