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Ovi Has Scored Numbers 798 and 799 While ESPN Puts On The Worst Broadcast In Television History


It's unbelievable what we are watching tonight. It's history, but for two reasons. 1 is because Ovi scored goals 798 and 799 in the first period, leaving him just 1 away from becoming the 3rd player to eclipse 800 career goals. It's unbelievable. But did you watch that above video? That is a REPLAY of 798 because ESPN is so fucking bad at broadcasting hockey they weren't even doing play by play when he scored. So all we get is Levy on a replay in a monotone ass voice saying he scored. It's putrid.

The entire first period was an embarrassment. It was the worst-broadcasted game I've ever heard. Chelios and Messier are whispering and they provide next to zero analysis on anything going on. It's like they are watching the game in church. The entire broadcast is so boring it makes me sick that Ovi might score 800 and Joe B and Locker aren't on the call. 

I'm not even trying to be mean or exaggerating or anything, this ESPN broadcast is simply that bad, all the way around. If they are attempting to give a good product and grow the game they are doing it 100% wrong. Levy is ok I guess but for the most part everything about their broadcast is dull, dry, boring, and pathetic. Hockey fans deserve better.

And then they got Ovi between periods and asked him terrible questions and then cut him off mid sentence!



If Ovi scores number 800 tonight obviously it'd be awesome but I wouldn't be mad at all if he took the rest of the night off and did it on home ice with the best in the business calling it from the booth, not this travesty ESPN has rolled out tonight. Puke.