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The Absolute Saddest Stats For Week 14 Of The NFL

Jane Gershovich. Getty Images.

Week 14 was yet another sad week for a lot of sad teams in the NFL. There were a lot of dimmed lights that burnt out completely leaving fans only able to wish their team would show up on the "Sniffing Around" graphic. It also seems like this was the week when the frauds were brought to light and charged not only in the bitcoin world but the NFL as well. Especially for those residing in the tropical south. That brings us to the first Sad stat of Week 14:

Sad Stat #1: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of only seven teams under .500 by Week 14 to lead a division

I know I already blasted this clearly fraudulent team earlier this week but it's never a bad idea to remind everyone once again. However there's a hidden sad fact for the NFC East. Of the seven divisions since the 2002 realignment with the leading team under .500 by Week 14, they have three of those seasons (2020, 2019, and 2015). I'm not saying this means the 2022 NFC Beast isn't legit, but let's remember where we started.

Sad Stat #2: Kliff Kingsbury hasn't won a coach's challenge is over 1,000 days

It's been a while for Kliff, but not for lack of effort as he gave it a go on Monday Night Football. But it's gotta hurt to know that someone like Jeff Saturday - a coach who's so new there's probably still a work order in for his office name plate - is ahead of him on this list. Funny enough, the next two worst dry spells came on the same day so it'll be interesting to see who wins their next challenge first - Belichick or Tomlin. The race is on!

Sad Stat #3 The Texans total yards differential on offense/defense is about four games worth of team yards

The average NFL team is producing 343 yards per game in 2022. That makes the 1,274 yards the Texans have given up more than they've gained almost four games for an NFL team. Now you might call cap on the Texans being an NFL team but officially speaking - they still are. While this certainly looks bad for Houston, it's nothing compared to the 2005 Mike Nolan "led" San Francisco 49ers with a -2,525 yard differential by Week 14. 

Sad Stat #4: The Broncos have less points at this point in the season than the 2017 Cleveland Browns who would finish 0-16

Both teams had Week 9 byes and the eventual 0-16 Cleveland Browns scored 197 points after Week 14 which put them three up on the 2022 league worst 194 for the Broncos. Go ahead and say it Broncos fans, I know you're thinking it: "Well, it was close!". When we're making "it was close" arguments after being compared to an 0-16 team, you know it's rough trail ahead. 

Broncos country! Let's die. 

Sad Stat #5: The Minnesota Vikings are the only 10-3 team ever with a negative points differential

You might have noticed the Vikings were right down there with the Texans on the total yards differential graph too. It doesn't take a genius to know this defense is absolutely killing this team and leading them do being in the red in points differential. Something just needs to change with this secondary:

Watching this team play defense makes you wonder if it's already Pro Bowl season in the sense that it seems evident that nobody is even trying. This shit just isn't going to fly in the playoffs. 

BONUS SAD STAT #6: You didn't think I'd leave you out this week did you Raiders fans????

The Raiders had everyone raising a brow after they beat the Chargers a couple weeks ago to make three wins in a row only to remind everyone for the crap show that they are last Thursday Night vs the hapless Rams. This team was one win away from becoming worthy of being a fraud, but even that's a pipe dream at this point. But here's the sad stat. When you take the combined record of all teams the Raiders beat and compare this to every other team, the Raiders are dead last:

That's enough for Week 14. Week 15 is already right around the corner and you better believe I'll be back to highlight a few more sad stats you probably didn't know. If you have any tips - hit me up on Twitter @statholesports.

- Jeffro