It's Simply Unfair To Play Argentina When Julian Alvarez Is Delivering One Of The Best Goals In The World Cup

What a ridiculous run man. Off a Croatian corner and just takes it 80 yards while doing it all himself. Sure, the finish wasn't the prettiest but it counts the same. Dude looked like Chris Davis from Auburn returning the Kick Six. Just kept on going leaving Croatians in the dust. It's already unfair to play Argentina when they have the greatest player in the world. 

Croatia might have them right where they want them. Argentina has choked away leads all tournament. Croatia keeps coming back. Now granted they are playing Argentina, but still 2-0 dangerous lead. Ridiculous PK by Messi too. You're not stopping that. Best PK I've seen since, well, you know the moment on a Monday in the Barstool office. 

I do wish this was the Finals. Messi vs Modric in the finals would have been awesome. 2-0 at half.