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An Iowa Mom's Incredible Food Itinerary For Christmas Break Has Gone Viral And Now I NEED To Go To Her House To Eat

This lady is a Saint. Let's get that out of the way first and foremost.

This lady can play for my team any day. 

The holidays are a grind. They're awesome on paper, don't get me wrong. But when it comes to packing, traveling to wherever you gotta go, then dealing with your loved ones and relatives in actuality, and not in the fond pleasant way you like to remember them, it hits you real quick like a ton of bricks that this was a mistake.

Yet we find ourselves talking ourselves back into it again this same time next year.

Like the semi-decent Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon movie Four Christmases

That said, one of the saving graces of the holiday grind is the food. 

Like great sales are to a business, great food cures all during the holidays. (And hard liquor but that's another blog).

And this lady clearly does great food. And LOTS of it.


Look at these menues. Look at this outline/itinerary!

We all know women love to plan. But this is next level. 

"Dinner at Burdt's. Chicken Parm or Ribs?" How about both!

"Is there any interest in a bourbon tasting?"

Merry Christmas!

Also, a taco night the night before Christmas Eve is fucking GENIUS. Who doesn't love homemade tacos? They hit every time. Know why? Because you can customize and make them exactly how you like them. And you almost always overcook, so they're one of those meals that you can head back to the kitchen 3 or 4 hours after "dinner" and knock out a round 2 and they're still just as good.

The lasagna on Christmas Eve is a power move. That's my go-to Thanksgiving night cap move, on Christmas eve us italiani can't do red meat or red sauces because of some weird old religious tradition. called "La Vigilia". Mostly just fish, shellfish, and wine or olive oil-sauced pastas. But if we could, lasagna would definitely be the move. 

And that Christmas day breakfast she has lined up? Holy moly. Followed by an all-day smokies snack-a-thon, and capped off with beef tenderloin at night. 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.


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Giphy Images.

Seriously God bless this woman. 

p.s. - she had me at popcorn, chex mix, peanut m&ms, jelly beans, and other candies provided throughout the day for "grazing".