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Kansas City Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Won Today's Game Before it Even Began

Jayne Kamin-Oncea. Shutterstock Images.

This is, of course, Gracie Hunt. Daughter of Kansas City Chiefs principle owner Clark Hunt. Granddaughter of legendary AFL Founding Father Lamar Hunt, of eponymous trophy fame. Former Miss Kansas:

And staunch champion of the noble and time-honored tradition of the Swimsuit Competition:

And with the franchise she will (God willing) someday inherit hosting a Divisional Round playoff game this afternoon, she demonstrated why she's such a vocal advocate for swimsuits. And her team:

Sorry, Jacksonville. Today is a lost cause. You can't compete with this. You're down 10 touchdowns before kickoff. You might as well just start taking a knee from the opening drive, run out the clock to keep everyone healthy, and just start playing for next year. 

I don't mean to sound like I wish ill of Gracie's dad. Clark inherited the team from Lamar along with his three siblings, who elected him chair, so there are a lot of Hunts in the fire. But I think I speak for a lot of tackle football fans when I say I hope they will all step aside when the time comes and let her be next in line of succession. She didn't win Miss USA, but I see a lot of NFL Executive of the Year crowns in her future. 

Chiefs by infinity.