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Apparently Someone Got Part Of Their Finger Chomped Off In That Wild Fan Brawl At The Bruins v Coyotes Game The Other Night

By now I'm sure that most have since the video from that wild brawl at Mullet Arena the other night when a bunch of Bruins fans got all pissy after Nick Schmaltz gave the Coyotes a 3-2 lead just a minute into the 3rd period. The Bruins have been buzzing this season so I get being pissed off about losing to the 'Yotes. But holy smokes, what a bunch of goons. Bunch of Southies who have nothing else better going for them in life besides causing chaos and havoc at an away game and then going home to watch The Departed for the 4th time of the day. What's the matter, smart-ass, you don't know any fuckin' Shakespeare?

If you didn't see the clip already, our good pal Will Burge did a great job of ranking the top 10 jabronis involved in this donnybrook which you can read here. 

Now one guy who didn't make the cut in the rankings was involved in this fight from the very beginning of the video. Heck, it looks like he even throws the first shove. Look for the fella in the dark colored vest and white hat at the beginning of the fight. You lose him somewhere in the middle right after the chick gets popped. Well at some point in the midst of all that chaos, it seems like whoever he was fighting got a little hungry and decided a finger would be an appropriate snack. 

Now I want this very much down on the record. I 100% wholeheartedly condemn the act of biting someone's finger off in the middle of a fight. Just want it out there that I'm the #1 blogger on the internet against finger biting. With that being said…well I'm also very much against sticking your fingers in or anywhere around an opponent's mouth during a fight. I believe that falls under the category of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes". You want to know who has never gotten their finger bitten off before? Anybody who has never stuck their finger in somebody's mouth before. 

So in closing--finger biters are scumbags. But also, it's a scumbag move to shove your finger in someone's mouth during a fight. The scumbaggery cancels each other out there. We have off-setting minor penalties here. 4 on 4.