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The Actress Who Played "Stiffler's Mom" In American Pie Actually Lived A Life Of Banging Younger Dudes After The Movie Came Out

(SOURCE)- Jennifer Coolidge has recalled her very awkward sexual encounter with  a much-younger man - which resulted in her conquest calling his mom.

The White Lotus actress, 61, channeled her iconic American Pie character and ultimate  cougar Stifler's mom, as she detailed how the unnamed younger man was the 'best I ever had' in a racy chat with Ariana Grande for Entertainment Weekly.

She said: 'This one guy was particularly young — legal, of course, it was all very legal — but it was funny because we had to … The one moment was a little bit awkward because he … I won’t get into the details,  

I recently turned 34 years old. I know, I know... I am way older than you'd guess. I wear my age VERY well.

But anyone who is around my age give or take 5ish years had their life molded by Stiffler's mom. Actually, I take it back. We had our lives molded by American Pie as a whole. Jim blowing his load (twice!!!) early, Stiffler, Oz's whiny bitch ass, Jim's dad, the apple pie, PRIME Tara Reid, and of course Nadia!!!

The first time I saw American Pie as a young, supple 10 year old or whatever was the first time I knew I really, truly love tits. This scene set me up for a life of debauchery for years to come. 

But we also were graced with Stiffler's mom and the acronym "MILF", an acronym that to this very day is part of people's vocabulary, even if they don't know where it came from or how it entered their brain. 

We all had the friend growing up with the hot mom. I would love NOTHING more than to out my friend with the hot mom growing up right here, right now, because that's almost the entire purpose of having a buddy with a hot mom - giving him unrelenting shit about their hot mom. I won't out him here (as much as I want to) but just know that she was a complete and total ROCKET ship. I know someway, somehow this blog will get back to him, and that's good enough for me. Every one of us peppered him with MILF jokes all day, every day and it was great. 

It wouldn't surprise me if he succumbed to a hardcore opioid addiction because of how much shit we gave him, which is the entire point. He shouldn't have decided to have a hot mom. The jealousy we all had that she birthed him…

And it brings me much holiday joy to find out the OG MILF, Stiffler's Mom, wasn't just playing a part in a movie. It wasn't just some little role for her. 

It was a lifestyle. 

Can you imagine being the young buck that tamed her? If I ever ran into her on the streets or something, I'd almost wanna pull a reverse Waynes World:

Giphy Images.

Because we're truly not worthy of Stiffler's Mom. What a woman. The first MILF that ever MILF'd. If not for her, who knows where we'd all be today. I mean, she called the young dude she banged a "conquest"! That's freak talk and I'm intimidated just thinking about it. I know I personally am not man enough to take a wild horse like that. 

PS - I haven't watched White Lotus and it kinda pisses me off I just learned what her real name is. I didn't need to know that at all. She's not Jennifer Coolidge, she's Stiffler's Mom. Always has been, always will be.