Best Of Luck To Croatia After Seeing This Video Of Argentina Fans Driving Around The Streets In A Goddamn Tank

What in the hell? I have so many questions - first and obviously. How the hell did they get a tank? This is one of the wildest things I've seen, mostly because you don't see a tank driving around the streets like this to celebrate a World Cup quarterfinal match. It does set a new bar though, especially if they have it today to pregame. Good luck finding a better way to pregame for a game than going around the streets in a tank singing some songs. 

This might just sum up soccer though. Every time I think I've seen it all, we get something like this. A goddamn tank. I can't stop laughing at the thought of guys sitting around being like okay, I'll bring the beer. Okay Steve's got the burgers. Joe's got the wings. Ralph? You good with the tank? Perfect, pick everyone up at 9am. 

You know someone in the SEC wants to try this out now. I could see LSU being the leading candidate for this. Ole Miss has the Grove and is too preppy. Tennessee has the boats. Alabama was awesome when I went there. Florida would be a popular choice, but LSU fans have something different to them. No doubt in my mind they'd grab their corndogs and drive around in a tank. Probably blast some Neck and Callin Baton Rouge too. 

What if they win today? Do they get two tanks? How do you find someone who is that comfortable to 1) get a tank and 2) drive the tank? Can't be easy. They should break it out before the match. Set the tone. Don't just wait to celebrate with it. Knowing how to drive a tank has to be awesome. Every little kid has a toy tank at some point. Now imagine just driving it around the streets. Would be sick. 

 Intimidation 101.