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A Simple Video That Has Changed Something I Do Everyday...Flush The Toilet

This week we drafted the worst smells with a man experienced in feet, working underground, and poop. It's a full episode of bad days and sad days. Luckily though, we got a few tips like this one. 

Thanks to a tip from one of the listeners George will never have to feel shame about his stinky, leaky, butthole. Big day for the entire family. 

The other discussion was when to flush. Jerry asked if I let the poop sit or if I flush right away. I think I take it shit by shit, day by day. If it's an overwhelming moment, you give it the instant flush. You'd think that would alleviate the problem because it removes the source of the stench quickly. I always thought that...until today. 


Every single flush sets off a smoke grenade biological weapon. Just a ploom of poop. Shit shooting into your nostrils and back up your butt. I saw that video and I wanted to puke, but couldn't because the only place to puke is back into the source. I watch that and now I want to bring back covid masks. Just keep a box underneath the sink next to the bleach which apparently needs to be used a lot more than I thought. Now, the new plan…matches if necessary, cover the bowl in saran wrap, covid mask, and then close the lid and flush. Somewhere in there I need to find time to wipe. I just can't unsee that green particulate slow motion flush and imagine inhaling my own poop in a closed loop of filth. They say 80% of in-home injuries happen in the bathroom and that number is WAY low because of that's not including your lungs and immune system. New year coming, new way to flush.