Nelson Agholor Realized DeVante Parker Had a Concussion And Got The Play Stopped

Whenever Nelson Agholor's playing days are over, this play right here will end up on his career highlight tape. Not that there's necessarily a bevy of highlights to fit into that video. Nelson Agholor was mostly known for his drops during his time with the Philadelphia Eagles. But if anybody dropped the ball on this play, it was the NFL and their concussion protocol. 

I mean holy shit, dude. DeVante Parker had know idea where he was. He couldn't get off the ground on his own. He couldn't stand up straight at the line. Yet not a ref, not a coach, not a concussion spotter in the building was going to stop that next snap from happening while DeVante Parker was still on the field. Why? So the Patriots could get a play off quickly before they could review the play before? It's the 1st quarter in a 0-0 game between two teams that suck, and getting a snap off before they could overturn a 9-yard catch on their own half of the field is apparently more important than making sure that DeVante Parker's brain doesn't turn into a bowl of mashed potatoes. Tough look for the league on that one. 


Luckily there are teammates like Nelson Agholor out there to take matters into their own hands. The game was still stopped because Arizona challenged the call, but at least Agholor did everything he could to slow things down and cause enough commotion before the snap. Say what you want about the guy but that's someone you want looking out for you out there. Great teammate and an All-Pro concussion spotter.