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New Delhi CNN — Indian and Chinese troops have clashed on their disputed Himalayan border, the first known incident between the two nuclear-armed Asian powers in nearly two years.

In a statement, India’s Ministry of Defense said soldiers from both sides sustained minor injuries in the face-off, which took place Friday in the Tawang Sector in India’s northeastern territory of Arunachal Pradesh, a remote, inhospitable region that borders southern China.

The 2,100 mile-long (3,379-kilometer) disputed border has long been the source of friction between New Delhi and Beijing, with tensions escalating sharply in June 2020 when hand-to-hand fighting between the two sides resulted in the deaths of at least 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers in Aksai Chin-Ladakh.

Speaking to lawmakers Tuesday, India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh accused China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops of trying to “unilaterally” change the status quo by attempting to cross the line of actual control (LAC) – the two countries’ de facto border. “The ensuing faceoff led to a physical scuffle in which the Indian Army bravely prevented the PLA from transgressing into our territory and compelled them to return to their posts,” Singh said, adding there were no serious injuries on the Indian side.

In the scheme of the world, where we currently have a hot war in Ukraine, two countries settling a dispute by just beating the shit out of each other with no guns fired or deaths is a huge win. These guys probably respect the hell out of each other now. I mean this was probably much healthier for each group of those border patrol because when they are sitting there with their guns, they are probably just getting more and more amped up. Instead these guys all had the gentlemanly agreement to not shoot each other and just threw hands. Now I bet Chinese-Indian relations would be a lot better if they just did this once a year and cut the posturing bullshit. This might be the best solution to this standoffish situation in the Himalayas. 

We should bring back 1 on 1 combat like at the beginning of the movie Troy. Just settle the Ukraine issue with Vladamir Klitschko fighting a Russian heavyweight with the Donbas region on the line. There is a lot to be said for cultures with annual fighting festivities, be it firemen vs police tough men or Peruvian Andes tribes fighting once a year to settle their differences.

Takanakuy (Quechua for "to hit each other")[1] is an annual established practice of fighting fellow community members held on 25 December, by the inhabitants of Chumbivilcas Province, near Cuzco in Peru.[2] The practice started in Santo Tomás, the capital of Chumbivilcas, and subsequently spread to other villages and cities, the prominent ones being Cuzco and Lima. The festival consists of dancing and of individuals fighting each other to settle old conflicts.[3][4]

Locals claim to obtain several social benefits from the tradition. The public brawling offers an alternative method to resolve conflict and create a peaceful society.