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Gio Reyna Responds To The Report Of Him Being Sent Home From The World Cup, Situation Becomes An Even Bigger Shit Show

And there's the response from Gio Reyna. In case you missed it, the report came out last night that the USMNT was close to sending Gio Reyna home from the World Cup for not meeting expectations: 


Now we find out even more. Gregg and staff apparently told Gio before the World Cup that he'd have a limited role. What the fuck? That's dumb on so many decisions - without even needing hindsight to look back on. The US needed to score more. That simple. We didn't have that much creativity and we for sure didn't have the goal scorers. Haji got one late on somewhat of a freak goal (after missing an easy one). Sargent missed his one great chance against Wales. The rest came from Weah and Pulisic. By the rest I mean the 2 others. It was the glaring problem with the US team at the World Cup. 

But this is where it becomes a bigger shit show. You have Gregg saying this apparently 'off the record'. You have Gio acting like a baby when he was told his role. Both can be wrong, which it is in this case. Gregg's decisions were horrendous - cost us a win against Wales, also this situation. Why would you make up your mind on something like this before the World Cup? 

So here's where it becomes the bigger shit show. You have Gregg reportedly set to have contract talks at some point in the near future. You have a group of guys who will all be in their prime as we get ready for the 2026 World Cup. History says we won't have all these guys - whether it's injuries, play falls off, someone else comes in, etc. It happens when you have a 4-year buildup to the next World Cup. But Gio is expected to be a star on the next World Cup team too. How do you bring Gregg back when this report is floating around a week after we're eliminated? Take away all the talks about formation, roster decisions and complaints there. You have Gio walking to the cliff of basically calling Gregg a liar. 

Again, Gio shouldn't have pouted and complained and got the point where he had to apologize. I don't give a shit about him slacking in a scrimmage against a Qatar club team. The point he had to apologize to his team is the bigger problem. That can't happen. But Gregg making this decision before a World Cup match starts is mind boggling (mind bottling even). 

I'm firmly on #BerhalterOut and I'm firmly on Gio act better.