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Abolish The AP Poll: 1-9 Mississippi Valley State, The 362nd Best Team In The Country, Was Accidentally Ranked In The Top-25 This Week

Mistakes happen, sure, I get that. But this is about the AP poll as a whole. It's pointless. It's dumb. It's outdated. If we have mistakes like this happening or last year Georgia getting ranked because someone hit that instead of Gonzaga, we have bigger problems. 

Just type in names. It's not that hard - trust me, I did it for 363 teams in the Barstool back end. If a blogger can do it, surely big J's can type in 25 names. That's how you avoid 1-9 Mississippi Valley State accidentally getting ranked as they are coming off losses to Arkansas State (they scored 38 points) and a 30 point loss to Mississippi State. Good news is it's getting corrected. Although I do wish we had a week where MVSU was ranked, just to show how stupid the poll is. 

There are a million other ranking systems out there. KenPom, Torvik, NET, Haslam, my own made up ones. Whatever you want to use is better than the AP poll. Shit, we have people quit the AP poll because they get made fun of for their rankings. Good luck handling Twitter if you can't rank teams. 

I wish the AP poll mattered since that's how old people like to communicate and people who just look at shit. I'd love to have more arguments where people don't reference the AP poll. I don't ask for much, but that's what I ask for. Just use the NET rankings or whatever like college football does once we get their playoff rankings. 

Congrats to Purdue though or whatever