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Bold Move: Panthers Interim Coach Steve Wilks Straight Up Calls The Ownership Out For Trying To Tank The Season

Welp, it's basically this scene: 

You trade Christian McCaffrey, basically refuse to get better and trade sign Baker Mayfield to battle it out with Sam Darnold in the preseason and this is what you get. Everyone in the world basically penciling in the Panthers for the No. 1 overall pick. But luckily for them they are in the NFC South and the NFC South sucks ass: 

5-8 and just 1 game out of the winning the division and hosting a playoff game. Crazy what a two game winning streak does for a team. Steve Wilks is for sure rallying the team, I don't want to take that away from him. But it's a bold move to straight up call out the ownership for trying to tank. Granted it's part of sports. Teams try to tank all the time to get the best pick available. 

I need the Panthers to embrace this. Your interim coach is calling you out and rightfully so. I hope every player says the same thing. Need someone to put a poster in the locker room like Major League. Fuck it, make the playoffs. I'm ready for the world to freak out that an 8-9 Panthers team is hosting a playoff game.