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The Giants Got Their Ass Kicked So Bad, We've Reached The Point Of Trying To Spin Zone It By Saying The Game Didn't Even Matter

This isn't necessarily on Art. I've seen this take from numerous people. I don't even care that there's some truth to it, but trying to say the game didn't matter is so stupid. Call me crazy, but when you're in a playoff race, winning any game matters. Sure, Washington is part of the race, but guess what? The Lions are one back. The Seahawks are 7-6. Having a game in hand matters! 

Now sure the tiebreaker right now is the Commanders have a 1-2-1 division record vs the Giants 0-3-1. Obviously a win over them on Sunday Night Football ties that up. But come on. We can't say getting our ass kicked by the Eagles doesn't matter. There's not one positive to take away from the game. Defense looked awful. We had bad Daniel Jones. Barkley was banged up. Bellinger got banged up again. Awesome. Shit we couldn't even punt the ball correctly. 

Now it's gut check time. Giants end at Washington, at Minnesota, vs Colts, at Philly. Gotta go 2-2 at least. That's the only way to feel somewhat safe. Gotta beat Washington and Indianapolis and get to 9-7-1. Should be in the playoffs then. I even get that anything positive right now is a win for the Giants because we've watched shit football for years now. But you have a chance to make the playoffs. Go do it. That simple. 

I just don't want to hear spin zones for a professional football team getting their shit kicked in. That's what happened. Yes beating Washington matters, but so does, you know, winning in general. The new regime is trying to figure out who to keep on the roster since Gettleman fucked it all up. Losing like this doesn't do anything good.

Beat the Commanders. Beat everyone else.