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Texas Head Coach Chris Beard Was Arrested For Reportedly Strangling Someone Inside A House At 2am

Uhh, this is not the report I expected to hear this morning. Obviously it's a big time deal here. We're talking about Chris Beard - the head coach of a top-10 team in the middle of the season getting arrested on felony charges of strangling someone inside a house at 2am. That's a major accusation and if it's true you can't keep Beard. No shot. I don't care how good of a coach he is, Texas has to fire him and go a different direction. Getting arrested for strangling accusations and assault accusations is horrific shit, not exactly breaking news here.

Oh not to mention, Texas plays tonight. Clearly Beard won't be there but I'll be interested to see how the broadcast and more importantly the college handles the situation. Like I said though if this is true there's no way you keep him around. I don't care how good he is as a coach, these are some horrific allegations.