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Joel Embiid May Not Win The MVP, But He Should Certainly Be In The Running For A James Beard Award Because The Man Is Cooking His Ass Off

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

Anyone with at least 20% brain functionality knows that Joel Embiid was robbed of winning the MVP last season. This league has made it abundantly clear that no matter what Joel does, they're not going to award him for being the greatest big man the league has ever seen. Is it because he plays in Philly? Is it because they just have something against Joel? We'll never know. All we do know is that Joel could do anything out there and they'd still find a way to hand the award off to someone else. Even if he becomes the first player this season to have multiple 50+ point games. 

Even if he became the fastest player in league history to reach 100 games putting up 30+/10+. 

No matter what he does, the NBA will say that it's not enough. So maybe, juuuust maybe, we need to focus our efforts towards campaigning Joel Embiid for another award. His talents need to be recognized, so let's start the movement somewhere else. And after last night's performance on the floor and on Instagram after the game, I think we know our where. 

You don't want to give Joel Embiid an MVP? Fine. He'll just have to win a James Beard Award, presented annually to recognize the best chefs in the United States. Hard to imagine there's any other 7' mutants out there serving up dishes this spicy. 

He's just playing with his food at this point.