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Dave Chappelle Introduces Elon Musk To The Crowd In San Francisco, Many People Cheer And Many People Boo

If this quick and shitty video isn't a perfect microcosm of Twitter, I don't know what is. The reaction to him was LOUD with both cheers and boos (as expected), and if I know Elon like I think I do, those boos fuel him. He bathes in those boos. Give him all the boos. Prolly got home and started drawing up a plan to send someone to Pluto next week or something. 

Elon is quickly approaching Donnie Trump levels of polarization. People either blindly love him or blindly loathe him. I'm an outlier like I said and just don't care, but what a move by Chappelle here bringing him on stage. You want people talking about your comedy tour? Bring the 2nd most polarizing man in America on stage, say his name and then do NOTHING. Just let him stand there and exist. 

Boom, love it. Marketing genius, that Chappelle is. 


Shouldn't be a shocker though. Chappelle went on Rogan a few weeks back and they talked about what he's done that's been so polarizing and why people fucking hate him or deify him now. 

Just 3 guys that say they are free speech absolutists. People want NONE of that though. They need someone or something to bitch about. I choose bitching about my sports teams that fucking blow. They choose to bitch about Elon. To each their own, I suppose.

I do enjoy watching it all unfold from a distance though. Fucking crazy people.