Coach Rips Off Tuxedo At Halftime And Baker Keeps Headbutting Dudes: Football Guys Of The Week Nominees, Week 15

Congratulations to Max Duggan for winning this week's Football guy. The second award he was nominated for this week but way more important than that Heisman competition or whatever. 

Guy has a heart!

Now for this week's nominees

1. Baker Mayfield 

Baker's at it again by headbutting guys with helmets on. This time it's after a crazy game-winning drive that puts Baker back on the map. 

2. Tom Brady 

I think Tom Brady has played in the NFL for the longest out of anyone; that's literally the best way to describe the ups and downs of the NFL. 

3. Cody Mauch NDSU 

This is one of the best transformations I have ever seen. Football coaches that make TEs into offensive tackles and create monster super athletic linemen are so awesome. This guy makes this list because he lost his front two teeth around a sophomore year and has turned into the closest thing to a modern Viking. 

He's literally Hamish from Braveheart (Highlander, not a Viking, I know). 

I am wondering how long he's gonna keep the gap once he gets drafted. The guy is going to be an absolute menace in the NFL, and he might end up going the Will Compton Veneer route. He and his boys also got a good sense of humor. 

Not only that, but he is a beast. 

4. Jamie Abrahams, Cedartown Highschool HC

This guy just invited all his haters to roll up and come air their grievances. Big-time Deion Sanders energy. 

Also, Mike Leach is currently in the hospital; keep him in your prayers; he is a numerous football guy of the week winner and one of the greatest Football Guys of all time. 

In addition, we have a Big Cat Requested Throwback Football Guy of the week!

Football Guy.