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Zion Williamson Responded To The Suns Crying About His Late Game Dunk By Completely Dominating Them In Today's Rematch

Layne Murdoch Jr.. Getty Images.

In the closing moments of the Suns/Pelicans game on Friday night, Chris Paul, a member of the Phoenix Suns was still trying to score despite things being out of hand and the game pretty much over. He missed, and as a result Zion did this


and the Suns immediately started crying about it

Mind you, I don't think Cam Payne was saying the same thing when his very own team did this exact same thing last season against the Pelicans

and pretty much everyone agrees that instead of crying about that Zion dunk, the Suns should have tried playing defense. They were still trying on the offensive end at that point in the game, so the Pelicans don't owe them shit on the other. This doesn't happen if you win the game, so instead choosing to cry about that play was very embarrassing no matter how you slice it. I thought Zion's response was perfect


The beauty of this newfound beef was the fact that they had a rematch today, this time in the Big Easy. No Devin Booker for the Suns who missed the game with hamstring tightness, but enough talent available to win. If you were so pissed off about what happened on Friday, do something about it on Sunday. The Pels were without Ingram and Herb Jones too, so it's not as if they were at full strength either.

Unfortunately for the Suns, they did not do anything about it. In fact, it was Zion and the Pelicans who got the last laugh

That is how you respond to a team crying about what you did the game before. You not only make sure to secure the OT win, but you rub salt on the wound by absolutely dominating. What's crazy is that Zion still has levels to his game that he can unlock, he's by no means a finished product or anywhere close to it and look at how unstoppable he already is. As long as he stays healthy I can't see how he doesn't continue to be an absolute force. He's so explosive offensively he's a nightmare to guard, and on top of that he's efficient as hell. Given the "target" on his back after Friday, to come out and double down with a performance like today is some special shit.


Not only was this a big win for the Pels because of what happened on Friday, but it also guaranteed at worst a series H2H split with the Suns. Given how tight the top of the West is, that's important. You never know when you'll need a tie breaker come the Spring. This Pelicans team is rolling right now, owners of the longest active winning streak in the NBA (7) and the 3rd best record in the entire NBA. Their lead over MEM for the top spot out West sits at 1 game, and they have a quick little back to back with UTA before another game with the Suns on 10/17. That's the final game of the series, which honestly is a bummer given how fun these games have been.

Given how the Pels closed last season and then their start this year, I think you'd be silly to still be sleeping on this team or think what we're watching isn't sustainable. This team is deep as hell with legit NBA talent, Willie Green is doing a great job and their front office has a billion different ways to improve should the right opportunity present itself. Oh yeah, they're also in the Wembanyama Sweepstakes since they own the Lakers unprotected 1st round pick this summer. Not bad!

If you aren't already, please do yourself a favor and watch the Pelicans play. They are fun as hell and are a great story. A small market team that is now suddenly in contention through good drafting and smart front office moves. I'm not sure how you couldn't be rooting for that.