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​For All Of Patrick Mahomes' Magical TDs, This One Might Top Them All

There almost aren't words anymore for this guy. Based on where his eyes were, you would've thought Patrick Mahomes was casually flipping the ball out of bounds, staring down the defender flying right into his face, and making a business decision to avoid getting his head taken off.

That ain't how Mahomes does things. Here's the extended look that features the reverse angle, which only makes it freakier:

I'm convinced the way he flicked this ball helped him avoid a big hit. BEFORE he even let it go, Mahomes stiff-armed a defender, wasn't even looking in Jerick McKinnon's direction, and yet still got off some sort of contorted pass to him to the befuddlement of the Broncos' entire elite defense. McKinnon did the rest to cap off the 56-yard scoring play.

I was fighting for my damn life to get a screenshot of Mahomes as he threw the ball. Still doesn't make a lick of sense to be honest. Has anyone ever thrown a football sidearmed and underhanded at the same time? I feel like that's pretty much what he did.

Just feasting on this supposedly exceptional Broncos D. Well, to be fair to those guys, I'm sure Russell Wilson's lack of production and personality are wearing thin to the point where they're damn near ready to tap out. Doesn't help when you're facing an all-time talented playmaker like Mahomes and he's shredding you every which way on a Sunday.

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