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Stevie Claus' Shopping Spree Continued As The Mets Signed Kodai Senga To A 5 Year, $75 Million Deal

Well it sounded like the Mets wanted Kodai Senga and that's exactly who they got, which is pretty cool I guess. Three years ago I was blogging about the Mets signing Michael Wacha and Rick Porcello to round out the rotation. This year they signed the biggest international pitching free agent in Senga to go along with the AL Cy Young in Justin Verlander and Jose Quintana fresh off a 2.93 ERA season in 2022. Whoever said money can't buy happiness has never experienced an offseason with Steve Cohen as their team's owner.


Now this is the part of the conversation where people say the money doesn't ensure wins or that the Mets didn't improve themselves that much despite spending more on free agents in the last week than some teams spend on their entire roster. But I think getting good players is better than not getting good players and improving a 101 win team is pretty hard to do no matter how much cash you spend, not to mention that a bunch of these deals are short term that will free up money for the next set of big names to hit the market (cough cough Ohtani and Soto).

Back to Senga, I'm not gonna act like I am some old scout with a fedora hat on or a 20-something modern age baseball analytics supernerd from an Ivy League school that can tell you how good he can be thanks to a bunch of numbers in an Excel spreadsheet. But this is all I needed to see about Senga to fall in love.

Yeah those numbers are cool, but much more importantly the Mets now have a pitcher that can throw a motherfucking GHOST FORKBALL. As someone that was obsessed with the gyro ball, at least until it stopped gyro'ing, I cannot wait to see what the hell a ghost forkball actually is. But it sounds like a pitch that is very hard to hit, whether you are swinging at it in Japan or the U.S. of A.

Add in that $15 million a year is basically free to Steve Cohen as well as the Mets not having to give up any draft pick compensation or prospects to get Senga and it's hard not to love the deal. Especially since Uncle Stevie appears to have seen the bill the Cohen Tax will cost him then wiped his ass with it.


Now hit the new guy's music!

Now hit the new guy's new boss' music!