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Justin Thomas Owned The Match VII, Talked Worlds Of Shit To Charles Barkley, And Hit Tiger And Rory With A "WHAT HAPPENED?"

Although "The Match VII" wasn't much of one once Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth went 3 up through four holes and never looked back, but if you stayed tuned in the rest of the way, you saw some legendary trash talk from JT to Chuck, who was powerless to counter after one particular dig.

From the moment I heard this one-liner from Thomas to Barkley whilst taking in Caleb Williams' Heisman Trophy win, it took me more than a minute to compose myself, stop listening to it on a constant loop and proceed forward like a professional:

Like I almost wrote a blog about that quote alone. Wasn't sure how much mileage I could get out of it. But oh, there was more! I suppose JT was tagging Chuck back a bit for this gem from earlier:

I think Chuck was so shook from that whole Oreo bombshell that he just wanted to go home. I understand the Round Mound of Rebound has thick skin, but I mean…hard to recover from that:

I'll be damned — the ever-relentless JT got him again, twice! Their Auburn-Alabama rivalry was played up to full effect and the result was downright beautiful:

When Chuck is sneering at Thomas' success on the links, I know it comes from a place of jealousy from a guy who long had the ugliest golf swing in the history of mankind. Makes it even worse when you factor in where he went to college. I haven't heard the academic argument between Alabama and Auburn before. That's a new one from JT and I appreciate the innovation.

Not-so-subtle Michael Jordan reference here from JT on a long putt to win the first hole of The Match. I bet that was a slight grind on Sir Charles' gears.

My goodness, though. What a world where JT and Spieth are trolling Tiger and Rory with the relatively-newly viral "WHAT HAPPENED[--UHHH]?" meme. Tip of the cap, James Droz. You absolute ledge.

Is major championship SZN here yet? I need to see Tiger back at the Masters. I'm already preparing my body/queasy stomach/mind for the annual Rory green jacket chase at Augusta. The somewhat resurgent Spieth's already got one of 'em, and JT will be gunning for his third major title in April. Bring me there now please.

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