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ARMY WALKS IT OFF With A Field Goal In Their First OT Game Against Navy In The Rivalry's 123-Year History

A fumble right on the goal line by Navy set up the winning kick by Quinn Maretzki. WHAT AN ELECTRIC FINISH.

This was a boring-ass game for most of the way, but damn did the finish pay off. The service academies always deliver one of the best pure sporting events every single calendar year. To have the first-ever overtime showdown across 123 all-time matchups makes it all the more special.

Not for nothing, by the way: Big Cat's quest to hit the Over was finally complete thanks to the double-OT nature of Saturday's game.

Both offenses slogged around and struggled to move the ball...and then we got two trips to the end zone and damn near a third once regulation ended. Under bettors who were riding the overwhelming trend must be feeling SICK right now — especially since Navy's TD came on their first completion of the day! What a bad beat!!

But this is bigger than betting or even football. We just witnessed an instant classic and hopefully you Army-toughed it out and stuck around for the thrilling end of it.

ICYMI: Here was the pregame flyover and the teams running out of the tunnel. Such a singular spectacle you can't help but appreciate.

Aaaand full game highlights:

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