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Brad Underwood Making A Fart Sound Into The Mic Is The Only Acceptable Press Conference Answer After Losing To Penn State

Goddamnit I love this guy. Making a fart sound is the single greatest non-Calhoun press conference answer I've ever heard. I mean he's not wrong. It's how he feels about TJ Shannon, who should be playing better. You can't have 4 points and 3 turnovers from Shannon. You just can't. He's too good of a player for a stinker like that so Underwood let the Illinois fanbase know how he feels about the leadership. I mean they got smoked by Penn State.

Not to mention this game was at home. I understand let down spots, trust me I really understand them. But you can't come off that overtime win against Texas and do this. Penn State is improved and I like this roster, but Illinois should be competing for the Big 10 title. Teams like that don't lose at home to Penn State. 

Fart sounds always play. I don't care the situation. I don't care how old we get. There's something simple about it that gets the point across and makes people laugh.