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Dumping Them Out: But It's Very Good

This Sunday's edition of Dumping Them Out being written from the Pink Whitney Apres Ski House in Killington, Vermont. Pink Whitney reached out to me personally and said, "John Rich, we need a good end to our sales year, and there's nobody who can cut a Pink Whitney promo as well as you. Will you please go to Vermont and save our company???". Being the company man that I am, I packed up my belongings and made the 5 hour trek to Vermont.

You should have seen me slinging Pink Whitney shots last night. And by "slinging" I mean giving them away for free. It's an incredibly easy job. People love getting shit for free. And to be gifted a shot of Pink Whitney from a celebrity like myself, I can only imagine how exciting that is for them. 

I went skiing on Friday morning. I have a thing for snowboard chicks. Snowboard chicks are pretty hot. It's a weird kind of hot, because they're wearing so much clothing. Far more clothing than a hot chick who isn't snowboarding. But they have a certain je ne seis quoi to them. Not sure if that's the correct usage of je ne seis quoi, but all I'm trying to say is that snowboard chicks are hot. I'm trying to find some hot snowboard chick GIFs on the internet, but there aren't a ton of them available. There are some GIFs like this.

But those aren't the types of snowboard chicks you actually see on the mountain. If you're been skiing or snowboarding then you know what I'm talking about.

I'm actually writing this blog on Saturday, since I'm driving home tomorrow. The Army/Navy game is about to start. I just remembered that time when United States of America President Donald Trump attended the game and reminded everyone that the quality of football being played was actually bad. An undeniably hilarious quote. 

I've been watching Troopz stream the World Cup from a far (i.e my desk). I've noticed that he's never once been on the wrong side of a game. The only time he wasn't loudly celebrating, and dunking on the losing team, was when England lost. If England wasn't involved, Troopz was on the right side. It was a real shame to see Harry Kane miss that penalty kick that could have tied up the game with France.

I couldn't really watch Rough n' Rowdy last night because we were doing the Pink Whitney event, but I was able to catch the first 30 minutes. Maybe Dave, Big Cat, and Robbie Fox ended up addressing this broad later in the broadcast, but I was surprised that there wasn't more time spent on her.

What a very tall woman. Maybe those fighters are exceptionally short, but this girl is a monster. I would have bet on her to beat half of the fighters there. She looks like Caroline Baniewicz after a steroid cycle. Incredible height on that woman. 

This might be a bad take, but I was really hoping Pacman Jones was going to beat Bobby Lang last night. Not sure if that counts as going against the family, but I listened to Pacman Jones talk on The Yak, and on Redline Radio. He's surprisingly likable. I also wanted to see see a third matchup between the two. He had no chance though. Bobby Lang beat the shit out of him. Apparently Pacman Jones accused Bobby Lang of taking steroids afterwards, which is a pretty tough look when you lose a fight. But who knows, maybe he's right. I wouldn't put anybody fighting in Rough n' Rowdy above taking steroids. 

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, every fucking tweet I put into a blog says "The following media includes potentially sensitive content". That one is literally just Pacman Jones laying on the ground. Nothing remotely "sensitive" about that content. Figure it out Space Boy. 

I've been hanging out with Chris Klemmer during this Pink Whitney Vermont situation. The man really does drink nothing but ciders. If someone buys a round of shots, Klemmer says "No thank you, I have a cider right here." Every bar we go to its, "What types of ciders do you have". The man fucking loves ciders. He also loves weed, which is something I didn't know until last night. We got back from the bar, and he says, "I'm going to take some gummies and pass out." He tossed me the bag of gummies and said, "If you don't eat 2 you're a pussy". So I ate 2 and was like, "How many milligrams are those?". Expecting them to be like 5 or 10mg. He tells me that they're 25mg each. Jesus dude. I slept like a king. I'm pretty sure that's just every night for Klemmer. What an animal.